We Rehabilitate Thoughts

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What would it be like if you could...

(Train Tougher. Stronger. Bigger. Now! )


I urge you to close the door, STOP watching Caitlyn Jenner
kick off your shoes, get comfortable
and STUDY this information --

It is that important!  It introduces a way
of thinking THAT revolutionary!


You've probably heard... We work using hypnotically engineered Somnambulism.

Because contained within Hypnosis, a deep-trance is the fastest way you can convince your non-conscious mind
to just go ahead and change.

And we're going to show YOU how toexperience that -  in different ways for different reasons.

Listen, this will perk your ears up...  

We have a registered concealed-carry weapon called 'trance'.

So grab yours today because it's the best training and conditioning armament ever discovered.

And you're going to use it in non-sanctioned ways.

It's almost as if you were cheating! 

We (at the Clinic) incorporate a wide variety of mono-therapeutic and synergistic interventions that allow athletes to expand their mental readiness as well as forward their goals into action. 

Discover how truly easy it is, to achieve active relaxation by using your mind's eye, to improve your game, focus completely on results, and increase your strategies for having sustained peak performance.


"I listened ... I laughed ... I dominated"
Michael Cumberland ... 2010 Las Vegas /A.P.A Nine Ball Singles 

Are you ready to use Sport Specific Hypnosis Methods and other Secret Techniques?  

Think of this program as the Synaptic-game-changer for your Sport Performance. 



"Your Competition will hate this!"


  • Belief Busting
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Power
  • Pain Control / Time Dilation / Adrenalin Triggers
  • Shhhh! I can't list this one here but you're probably not doing it
  • Three Points of Attention Exercises and Deep Trance Performance Techniques



PLUS - just to add some fresh lead to your pencil!

There is zero risk.   No dropping faces.  You cannot possibly lose or waste a bitcoin.

In fact, if you do not think that the information that I am providing you with can confidently change your Athletic Performance forever, I will work with you until you do!

I would not offer this kind of guarantee if I was not 100% certain of my ability to help transform your mental performance.

Regardless of your skill level, you will be rewarded beyond what you thought possible.

If you are a beginner, well you are one of the most practiced beginners in the world because you are about to discover in such a way that you will be able to advance to the next level so quickly that your trainers and coaches will not believe how much you will be able to accomplish!

This is your first-step in joining some of the finest mentally trained competitors in the world.

If you want to avoid many of the painful mistakes other athletes have made, you're invited now, to follow my proven method of Advanced-Athletic-Performance.

So, this is it!

Exercise your thoughts as you develop your body.

Understanding that you have just ... Mastered your mind!


Tel: 1 905 333.4888

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  • CONFIRMED ... You Are Fat
  • CONFIRMED ... You're An Expert On Recliner Sit-ups
  • CONFIRMED ... It Is Your Fault
  • CONFIRMED ... Hypnosis Can Help


(Your Thoughts Are Making You Fat!)


Think of it...

Are you having an abusive relationship with your scale?

If the answer is "YES!"

STOP !!!

And think again...

About how it will feel -- when you drop down to your drivers license weight with Lightsleeper's Not Fat No Program.

Here is just a taste of what you are getting!

  • You already know ... what to eat (If you're in doubt don't eat it!)
  • You already know ... when to eat
  • You already know ... when to stop eating

Imagine what it would be like - to prove to yourself - that you have an unstoppable Neuro-Hypnotic Relationship right now!

Learning = Behavior Change.

Pay attention, and get this!

It's time to turn your energies to health, fitness, and looking Friday.

That's very doable isn't it?

Your Subconscious Mind wants you to be strong and healthy.

You just need to learn how to move out of your own way.

So if you have been looking for that Truth Serum of knowledge that can reduce some of those weight management mysteries for you, then maybe, just maybe, you have just found it.

Past/Mistakes, Present/Concerns, Future/Results:

Finally, why weight ... for your own Aporkalypse!

No more chewing the fat over weighty issues! 

Cut your carb cravings... cold turkey

Truly, as you have probably already started to ...

Become aware of the many easy yet powerful ways to USE this hypnotically effective Not Fat No Information today.

Naturally, without any second thought, there is only one way to find out for sure.


Are You Ready?

Enroll Today and End Your Carb Coma

 (We're ready to get started when YOU ARE!)


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Enjoying Your Personality Crisis?

(You May Not Realize It, But There Is A Better Way)


Relax and look back on your new beginning by using Lightsleeper's acclaimed hypnotic techniques to help you perform at your absolute best.

If you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, O.C.D or P.T.S.D this program will effectively return you to how you used to feel.

This powerful program will help you relax and guide you into a state of cognitive restructuring by opening your subconscious mind now, to empowering suggestions designed to help YOU create a color-by-the-numbers stress management system.

In fact:  I may even ask you to go inside your mind and ... "Draw Nothing" 

But that's another story for a different time!

Now with this program, you'll begin to feel, that you have overwritten your old patterned codes of thought with positive new beliefs as you move towards that open-ended feeling of...

Thinking and feeling whatever is necessary to make this change.

You may have heard...

It's like eavesdropping on your own thinking process. 


So just what happens here? 

Well it's performance encoded, it's enormously rewarding and it's a lot of fun! 


 By using this program you will learn to:


  • Lead a life free of emotional pain
  • Learn emotions are just thoughts
  • Let go of your fears and turn your past negative experiences upside-down
  • Reflexively seek success
  • Recapture deep-level relaxation
  • Relax and focus easily even in nerve-racking situations
  • Respond to pleasure as opposed to moving away from pain


"It's a No-fail way to break through any block you're experiencing in Life."
Sherry C. Niagara Falls Ont.  Student


Now, by honestly changing your reactions towards your condition - yes you can - eliminate all of your unwanted responses instantly. 

Bring to mind that - your stress reactions are simple physical responses and when you fall apart or emotionally go all Rob Ford on someone - it has more to do with your own negatively conditioned physiology than psychology.

Look:  It's a lot like feeling like a long-tailed Cat in a room full of Rocking Chairs!

Truly, by just allowing yourself to become aware of that  process now  you will indeed change your automatic stressful reactions - that up until this point - have been causing and perpetuating your previous anxiety condition.

Learn this by heart ... "Existence is a state of mind!"