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Light Sleeper Developments

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At Last... For the First Time... You Can Experience:


Falling Awake while taking Control
of your Subconscious Mind!


Take the time to undergo the Hypnosis Experience.   And wonder, what can it do for me? 

Join us today, for a dynamic change! Quit Smoking, help yourself with Addiction Recovery, improve your Sports Performance, switch off Anxiety, O.C.D, Phobias and Lose Weight easily, as you learn to, let go of your stress permanently, with Lightsleeper Development Technologies.

Here, at Lightsleeper Developments, we specialize in a Real-time Attitude towards Hypnosis in order for you to feel like your in the right place at the right time, doing what's right for you!

Utilizing both Direct Suggestions and Real-time Hypnosis, we design a uniquely powerful integrated process, which allows you to quickly find and resolve any hidden core events which motivate and maintain your current problem behaviors.

 "Even those expensive $1000.00 plus Seminars don't give you
all of the secrets and techniques that Lightsleeper does."
Bruce R. Welland Ont.  Personal Trainer

Clinical / Medical Referral Program:

Please note:  We also have reliable and effective programs for patients referred to us by Government Health Organizations, Psychologists, Doctors and other Health Care Professionals.