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Light Sleeper Developments Hypnotic Directives



Lightsleeper Developments will design and implement Hypnotic Conditioning Processes that result in concentrated behavior changes deep within your non-conscious mind.

Lightsleeper developments will enter into collaborative relationships in which hypnotic responsibility is shared with you the client, hypnotic skills are then transferred to you - as deeper yet - the idea that hypnotic dependency on us is gradually diminished to the point of disengagement.


Chartered Under:

National Guild Of Hypnotists, Trucor Trainings , Banyan Hypnosis Training Center, National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Carson Institute for Professional Hypnosis, Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis and the National federation of Hypnotists Union Local 104.  Demonstrations of Lightsleeper's work have been most recently featured on CHCH T.V. Morning Live.




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Lightsleeper Developments

Clinical Hypnosis and Imagery Conditioning




Disclaimer:  While Hypnosis and Psycho-Linguistic Methods have produced significant results in Clinical Settings, each client must take complete responsibility for their own execution. These mental conditioning methods are for educational purposes only and are not prescribed by any Licensed Health Care professionals.