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Hypnosis and the M.M.A.


M.M.A Fighters and fellow knuckleheads... Tap down deeply into this!

"Have you been daydreaming about your upcoming fight yet today?"

Well,  daydreaming occurs in a lowered state of consciousness.

And that's a hypnotic trance state.

Some daydreamers make up their own stories.

Some simply let it happen.

Because daydreams can be predictions, previews and a analysis of this week's fights.

In a ring or in a cage...

We influence performance.

You may also notice, the best time to picture yourself doing that is... AFTER a win.

It's that sensation you get when you overthrow resistance, not only succeeding but vividly being seen doing that.

Look: Who would have thought in this hypnotically induced virtual-reality [1]

That's where all of your skills, resources and performance enhancing neurotransmitters (dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin) ...

Are now corkscrewing their way into your brain.

So let's... DIVE IN

Here at: 

We help athletes win more competitions by focusing on their Mental Engineering Programs.

Think loudly!

Because athletes who wear red win more fights. [2]

The research has also found that athletes wearing black uniforms are penalized more often. [3]

Now, think of a time in the future where you would need this.

You may have heard...

The information I am revealing to you today is so revolutionary

That it can be used to convert even average athletes into great champions who understand, internalize and utilize their defeats.

Do you think I'm pulling your leg?

Go figure.

Tag along and make it a dominate position.

Because real combat fighting is always driven form the hips!

I guarantee you that this information has so many mind-bending possibilities...

That it can leave your opponent unconscious and twitching like an electrified frog.

While helping YOU change the way you think about YOUR thinking...


In fact...

As you TRAIN your eyes on this report, two things will strike-out at you right away.

Think twice and square up to it again.

Because here's what it's all about...

Picturing words...

And as you do that, and apply some of the tips and techniques for just a few weeks.

Without doubt...

You'll begin to notice the smallest significant change right away.

As it motivates and encourages you to go-under-even-further now

And explore...

The rest of our Mental Training and Combat Conditioning Programs.

Whatever happens, you'll use this information as a Constant Mental Training Reference.

For as long as you continue to develop as a fighter.

As you know...

Even the decisions you make consciously...

Go unconscious fast

And when you begin to study some of our never before relieved Hypnotic Operators [4]

You can quickly and easily begin to understand your conscious and non-conscious mind-trances.

It's just like having all of your weakness falling away.

Now, what's the difference between consistent winning competitors and inconsistent ones?

What is it that allows athletes to win matches before they are even on the mat?

What is it that allows higher level athletes to have this advantage over others when physical training is always so comparable? 

What is it that allows those champions to stand out?

Well, what we have discovered here at

Is that ...

The way in which a champion's Cortical Brain Synchronicity functions is...


Their brains are functioning in a more sequenced, high impact and devastatingly effective way. [7]

Look at it this way...

That there are three major brain components to your motor system pathway. (That's the part of the brain that controls your movement)

And there is a very-thin-line that separates the back of the brain (This is where you process visual images) from the front of your brain.

The front part of the brain has two components, one that drives your athletic performance, and the other decides the preferred sequence of attack positions you are going to use during your fight.

The other part of the Frontal Cortex contains what we in the Hypnotic-Profession call "Your conscious mind"

In other words... (If you will)

The Georges St. Pierre part of your brain.

It can instantly receive information from the other parts of the brain, put them all together and strike.

Back in reality...

This part is actually called the Prefrontal Cortex - "It's the fighting-face of your brain."

Now, stay with that image here ...

What happens in a Trance State is that the G.S.P. (the conscious mind) is resting.

He's retired!  Perhaps, beat-up too early.

And that's "No-Problemo."

Because we have a novel treatment for that!

[5] It's automatically allowing all of the remaining processes of the brain to run uninterrupted.

When you look at fighters when they train, they seem to be able to flow easily from one-discipline-to-another, because their motor pathways have been preconditioned by hours and hours of practice.

But ...

What happens when St. Pierre (the conscious mind) wakes up and begins to speak French to you...

And YOU start to get in your way?

Well here's a little secret I've learned from my years of doing Hypnosis with nationally ranked fighters...

This confusing-mental-chatter from that part of your brain, is the part that creates all of the fear, anger self-doubt and second guessing.

And anger and fear influence your motor functioning.

Because that's what this part of the brain is for!

It's here to create... Deep level ...QUESTIONS!

By comparison, let's imagine that the retired champion part of the brain is now a swing coach on a gangster golf dream team.

What would happen if someone starts their swing ...

And Georges shouts ... "STOP -- double think this"

It would certainly - BODY LOCK - all of their fluid motion.

This is what's happening in the brain when the prefrontal cortex gets in there and starts shouting less than positive commands like...


"Is he stronger than me ... has he trained harder than me ... or why can I never ever beat this guy?"

And on the other side of the squared circle...

When a fighter is in the zone, what is happening is that ...

Your Inner Voice is - NO LONGER - interfering with your grappling movements.

It's just allowing you to automatically rely on all of your own Mixed Martial Arts Skills and Resources.

So, what appears to separate the great fighters is that they are able to do this NON-CONSCIOUSLY all of the time.

Verified by...

Their own ability to get out of your own heads, and look for new ways to advance forward.

So let's think again about this... "Could you train yourself to do this?"

"Could you discover the secret techniques that teach you a sense of overriding self-confidence that makes you stronger...

While keeping more relaxed and unafraid?"

Now, that's perfect!

Imagine, just for the sake of imagining, say when you're using your breathing to control his - just how valuable - this will be!

Here at

We are helping you change the way you think.

We are altering your training from the Physical to the Mental.

Yogi Berra once said ... "Baseball is 90% mental - the other half is physical."

Berra understood that athletes who practiced only the physical motions were in a sense only halfway there.

Our research has shown that it's not only your ability to focus that's important, but it's also your ability to use your brain in such a way that it can flow interrupted...


Now... you can begin to understand the post-daydreaming effects of winning that Card Match in terms of just how your brain is functioning. [6]

So with that said ...

If you are under the major stress of a high pressure tournament, the frontal area of your brain begins to take you down once again.
Keeping that in mind,

There is this blurred line between competition and stress.

Competition is good!  Athletes thrive on it.

Competition makes you push your boundaries as far and as hard as you can because that's when you're performance is at its best.

Stress, is when you find yourself palm treeing in the wind or awaken now in the middle of a gut-wrenchingground and poundabout to wear your opponents Bro-Zilian!

And what you really-need-then is a way-out for the brain to neutralize those effects.

So here you are in your own Mental Octagon ... Now ... in the most important match of your life

And the former guerrilla guru champion of your mind starts internally chest-beating and thinks...

"I have to take over now"


And wouldn't you think to take back your control by using our -  MP3 Download -

That will allow the Frontal part of your brain to remain relaxed but active instead of being that disruptive inner voice commentating on your own sprawl and brawl.

Thinking as you do, [8]

Here is just one simple and effective exercise to help promote the mind sciences for any Real-World Combat Sport.

Think... "FLOW" you hand write (not print) the alphabet as a continuous stream
(keeping your pen ON the paper) with your normal writing hand. A couple of times will do.

While thinking of "FLOW" again, write out the alphabet in the same fashion using your OTHER hand.

Now ... back to your normal hand, full alphabet.  Relax, as you continue alternating hands and writing the alphabet until you feel the same flow using either hand (about 5 minutes each.) 

Then with your normal hand write out the alphabet twice more at the end.

You may be surprised at the changes that occur as a result!

So mind combatants, choosing a Sports Hypnotist isn't easy.  Why?

Because you're continuously being bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply inefficient methods form inexperienced coaches or UNFIT Hypnotherapists that are basically old-fashioned or getting pinned.


How do you ever find a qualified competent Professional Sports Performance Hypnotist?

Well you've already started by increasing the squeeze as you think and breathe clearly and read this report.

In this concentrated report, you have already discovered just how to rethink your thinking about how you talk to yourself.

Better yet...

We've researched and field-tested this clinical caliber data to help you understand just one simple use of Mental Training and Hypnosis in your Sports Performance.

Now, with this information, you can make an informed, intelligent decision about the rest of our program.

  • Belief Busting Influence Technology
  • Powerful Goal Realization Strategies
  • Awareness Focusing Techniques
  • Shhhhh! ...  I can't list this one here, but you're probably not doing it!
  • Confident Self talk -- Smart training pays off
  • Thought-Centering and the Precision Visualization of Fighting Techniques
  • Pain Control / Time Distortion

You, like me want the best for yourself.

So I'll tell you - Real Athletes Train Smart,
In thoughts ...

Master Hypnotist, Trainer.



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