Light Sleeper Developments Announces... Exclusive Clinical-Caliber Hypnosis in Burlington

Multidisciplinary Research And Development Of Human Performance Technologies.

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How to get
The Result You Want,
In Any Area You Want ...

Without the Fear of Loss of Control,
The Embarrassment of Emotional Turmoil -
And Especially Without Spending A Fortune on Angels,
White Light or Ancient Spirit Guides!

(Even if you've been suffering from Life-Coach Syndrome for years.)

"Because who's been living your life anyway?"


Dear Mind Navigator, 

WARNING!!!!!! This is not your normal boring as the Ice-capades Hypnosis site. 

Instead, this Scientifically Proven Program is dedicated to those certain individuals who aspire to a maximum
of independence in Thought and in Action

Did you ever want to change a habit but no matter how hard you tried, went right back where you were?

Do you feel like you know what to do but can't seem to consistently do it?

Do you sometimes feel it's difficult to increase your athletic performance?
Do you sometimes wish you could more effectively assist yourself in breaking through a paint-load of not pain no
management obstacles?

Have you ever had one of these things happen to you? 

If you're like I was before I first started working with my own non-conscious mind then you've probably been in one or more
of these situations a myriad of times!

And what's the worst part about going through even one of these situations? 

Well if you ask me, the most frustrating part of it is that as you're going through it... You always know that it's YOU that's got that thousand-year stare. 


You know ... it's not them.

You know ... it's not the conditions.

You know ... it's not anything else.


It's you ... And you know it.

Truly, you could feel that you are not in control of yourself or the situation, and you can see that you are the only one
who is putting yourself even more deeply asleep into your current state of disbelief.

Because you can't - think feel or believe - that you can get control of yourself!

And that my friend is your first red pilled moment that changes everything.


And isn't it interesting... 

When you start to feel it begin 

It's like you can feel that shift happening inside

And even though you are sitting here exactly as you are

Reading this 

There are other sounds all around you

It doesn't matter anymore...

Because you can feel that curious kind of light sleeper development forming.

And if you can't find it, perhaps you can pretend to imagine you already have.


So go ahead, and let's face it ... 


It's challenging enough to wake-up-now and go to work, pay the bills, and keep that crappy car on the road!


 In fact ...

That's only the exterior part of your life.

We also have to deal with all of the things that have been frozen in place on the inside.

So if you are finally ready to get your old way of thinking up-to-speed

And say so-long to the problems and issues that have been poor-mouthing their way into your nightmares for years.


I have good news for you...

Help is at Hand!

Hypnosis will assist you to reach the next level in every area of your life, from your career, to your health and well-being.

Hypnosis allows your brain to generate more options to you! 

Hypnosis is so devastatingly effective because your non-conscious stores all of your positive and negative emotional experiences as patterns of thought deep within the architecture of your mind.

Remember, we all have had that experience of allowing an unwanted thought pattern into our lives that we feel powerless to change.

Perhaps you have found difficulty with your recent athletic performance or struggle with concussion management or an addictive behavior.

The foundations of all of these patterns are stored in your non-conscious mind as a form of mental terrorism.

Truly, by simply modifying these negative perceptions through hypnosis - yes you can - find pleasant and long lasting relief instantly, while YOU change.


It Takes a lot of Work to Get a Lot of Rehabilitation.


Here at Lightsleeper Developments, we focus on the utilization of hypnotic mechanisms.

With our multidisciplinary approach,  it's specifically known for producing extremely effective results with weight management
and smoking cessation.

That's right ... "No Tin-foil Hats, Talking Pillows or Holistic Crystal Rubbin' Nut-jobs! "

No more B.S. -- "Just Hypnosis That Works." 

Imagine, just for the sake of imagining...

Once a well-trained Hypnotist guides you into an altered state of awareness, your trainer can then place properly worded suggestions into your non-conscious mind, where these new patterns become a SHORT CUT to your newly formed reality. 


 "Small change ... Big difference ... So worth it"
J. Murry Burlington Ont.

Deep, down... We Rehabilitate Thoughts.


Although the extreme effectiveness of drive-related hypnosis is well documented, sometimes you may experience unrecognized non-conscious blocks, which must be released and reprogrammed before your new positive changes can occur.

This is where Lightsleeper Developments bridges the gap between Research ... AND ... Real-Time Application.

Because inside of trance ... "You cruse at a different speed." 

It's a Controllers Meeting of training and conditioning ideas.

And that's a performance driven thought.

Perfect. Now, it's time to dig deeper.

Is this the Right Program For You?


  • If you are already living a 6/49 winning number lifestyle, you might not need it.
  • If you don't have any self-doubt, frustrations or fears ...
    And have never felt stuck
    in an endless routine at any point in your life,
    it might not be for you
  • If you don't have any unwanted thoughts, feelings or emotions ...
    And you always do the right thing especially when it "Really Counts",
    you probably don't need it
  • If you think the Suzanne Somers Thigh Master will get you back in shape, don't buy it!
  • If you want run-of-the-mill, Cookie Cutter Techniques, and expect
    be able to sit at home and "meditate" ... until someone shows up
    and repossesses your furniture ... Then don't even think about this program! 

Do you have Thoughts? ...  Or do the Thoughts have you!

This is the real deal ... Pay attention to this:

If on the other hand, there are certain chronically enhanced troubles that you don't ever seem to be able to ... "Just Let Go."

Then read through the list below ... And if you find that you have experienced any one of these problems...

I highly recommend that you take this program.

However ... If while reading through this list you realize that you have experienced more than one of these
constant, irrational, unpredictable, emotional challenges, you need to take this program - "Without Doubt"


  • If you've ever been in a situation and knew exactly what to do ...
    But then found yourself in a moment of confusion, losing control
    concentration and feeling overwhelmed in your thinking ...
  • If you think like you are almost there ... But you can't seem  
    to consistently pull it all together ...
  •  If you have discovered other ideas and techniques -
    And knew that they would work - But you couldn't even
    try them out, because you're on auto-pilot 99% of the time.
  • If you have ever secretly worried that nothing you can see
    will fix the problems you have  ... Because they appear like
    a train-wreck in slow motion right in front of you ...
  • If things just don't seem to sound right to you ...
    And you can't seem to be able to say what's on your mind
    Because you fear other people may hear about it and laugh ...


The bottom line is: 
"Who is the person you most desire to be?"  

Well Here's What you Need to do Next!

I don't need to tell you whether or not you need the information contained in this Interactive Hypnotic Program.

If you need it, you already know it.  And I want you to have it.

I'm proud of this program -- because it's going to allow you to get the things done that you need to do!

So much more quickly than I was able to -- and at a much, much smaller investment.

It has taken me years of learning, testing and hard work to really get my mind-trances handled.

In practice, I've studied every Hypnosis and Mental Conditioning System out there, attended dozens of Seminars
and bought hundreds of books all to add to my continually expanding library.

Unfortunately, I didn't find much in them, so I kept moving forward to develop our own pioneering hypnotic technologies and protocols.

More hypnotically, I've probably spent over 25 years of my life and thousands and thousands of dollars on the truckload
of information contained within this leading-edge program.

  • Tell me ... That Hypnosis can change your life forever!
  • Tell me ... The task has just begun.
  • Tell me ... Your success is a Hypnosis By-Product!

Even if you have Never Been Hypnotized Before!

There is work ahead, years of the great work.

But it's work worthwhile - in the real - world!


Hypnosis is the only thing between you and your dreams!

Hypnosis can get you to think on purpose.

Hypnosis can help you transform yourself into the person you were intended to be.

While cleaning-up the inside of your mind -- to focus on what you want.


Want To Take Your Subconscious For A Test-Drive?

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