Hey Butt Face ... Get Your Trance On!

Secrets of Quitting Smoking.
Amazing Integration of State-of-the-Art Laser And Hypnosis Technologies.


(Find out why you smoke - And what to do about it!)

Now, as you find yourself taking your first step to eliminating your smoking habit, you will be pleased to realize that each of your Smoking Cessation Sessions begins by sketching your big picture into words.

Now, when you think about it... 

Your integrated sessions which are 60-90 minutes in length can be held weekly or combined to suit your needs.

Subsequent sessions are also available individually or as a pre-paid package.

Prices vary depending on the amount of sessions required.

Here's more on how it works!

Smoking Cessation with cold Laser Therapy ...

Here at Lightsleeper Developments, our practitioners are all highly trained and certified in the use of Cold Laser Therapy for the treatment of pain management, sports injuries and everything else that you can think of (!)

Today’s non-invasive Laser Therapy is based on the ancient healing art of acupuncture which stimulates specific trigger or meridian points of your body

It is through this stimulation that the body begins it’s healing by the reduction of inflammation, cellular rejuvenation and the increase production of endorphins.

Endorphins allow you to feel good, relieve discomfort, and gives you a sense of a place where life just seems to narrow down.

Research suggests that endorphins also help to suppress physical cravings such as the craving for alcohol junk foods or drugs.

Endorphin release is also a natural painkiller, and can often assist the body with its own pain management.

Combined with our Hypnosis Programs, the vast majority of our Clients begin to notice the reduction in discomfort starting as early as tomorrow morning.

Can anyone be treated with Laser-accurate Therapy?


Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for Laser Therapy.

Clients who have pacemakers, who are pregnant, or have been diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments, are not eligible for Laser Therapy Seasons.

Laser and Hypnosis Programs are not intended to replace medical care.

It is used as an adjunct therapy in conjunction with and a compliment to regular medical treatments.

Please consult with your physician before beginning any complimentary or alternative healthcare programs.

Free Coverage…

Many insurance companies provide full or partial coverage for smoking cessation under their Extended Health Plans.

The amount of coverage is variable, so please talk to your agent for details.

As your Hypnosis Session begins...

You are going to learn the secrets of how to increase the power of your subconscious mind and how to reignite the body with the mind and turn your inner thoughts to health, fitness, and success in all aspects of your professional and personal life.

Learn how to make any desired change permanent by allowing yourself the opportunity to increase your Self-Control through Hypnosis!


Just picture what I'm saying ...  

  • Discover over $3000.00 per year in ciggy savings. 
  • Learn to challenge and change your thoughts so you can quit smoking.
  • Could it be possible that the cigarette you smoke is killing off your child's chance to go to University? 
  • Find how your inner thoughts have held you back ... up until now.
  • And much more! 


Session is over… How do you feel?

People tend to fall into one of three categories ...

For about 30-percent of you, it’s almost as though ... you never smoked.

There is never even a thought of smoking.

In the second category, with about another 30-percent, you now have no real craving. 

However, there may be a time when out of habit, you still reach for a cigarette and think...

Not Smoking No

Imagine that surprise, when you realize that your car will start without first firing-up a cigarette.

Finally, in the third category others may find themselves with a little bit of a mind battle.

Yes, no, yes, no!

But ... just give yourself a couple of minutes and the entire mental connection between ideas become

Smaller Darker and Harder to See.

Here is what some of our Proud Ex-smokers are saying! 


Listen, I even surprised myself as I listened to Mr. Sleepy's voice over me saying...
"Reach up, relax and let go ... and open up the picture book of your mind
as you see feel and hear the words ... Not smoking No!"

Ashley M. Hamilton Ont. 


That Lightsleeper is a real Sneaky Scoundrel ...

He eliminated my smoking habit

"Before I even thought of it!"

Mike S. Toronto Ont.

Because of Lightsleeper, I no longer have to ...
"Remember to forget to Smoke!"

K. Anderson Waterloo Ont.

So here's what you have ...


"The Whole Enchilada!" 

Total Retail Value: $650.00

Total Discounted Value: $398.00

Total Savings: $260.00

"As you can see ... it's one Hypnotic Deal!"

But, I would like to make the Savings
Even Better.

Enroll Today and receive as a Special signup/bonus gift
One Integrated Laser and Hypnosis Session!

Redeemable for One Year after Purchase.

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