Forget Concussion Burlington... Bombing, Blasting, Blitzing and Bullet Proofing Your Brain.

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How Much More Relief Could You Get If... 

You Knew - How To Find An Almost Unlimited Number Of Alternate Ways To End...

Waking Up Each Day With A Pounding Headache, Always Feeling Like You've Just Developed A Hypnosis Hangover, While Having Trouble Concentrating, Remembering, Just Like Now Getting All Of Your Thoughts Together; Because You're Losing Your Temper And Snapping At People For Absolutely No Reason.

Underneath All Of That, Nobody Believes You Or Thinks It's All In Your Head!

You Knew - A Few Quick And Easy Changes...

Where Each Change Builds On The Lessons And Experiences That Immediately Preceded It.

Training And Conditioning Your Attention Mechanisms Into Building A Better Brain.

You Knew - How To Get Your Brain To Change Your Pain Perceptions To Help You...

Become More Receptive To Learning New Hypno-Psychological Methods
Of Coping With And Managing The Pain Experience.

You Knew - Exactly How To Take The "Plasticity Pill" To Reprocess Upsetting Or Traumatic
Memories Associated With Re-modelling Your Brain...

So That You Could Handle That  "Bone-Crushing Fatigue"
While Taking More Time To Feel Like Your New Self Again.


Well, It's About Time You Found Out.

You'll learn the step-by-step "Hypnotic Brain-Coding" for all of these strategies...


Many more ways to explore shifting your awareness ~ Allowing you more and more stabilizing contacts into the "Synaptic Glue" of... RECOVERY BY YOUR CHOICE!


Your Full Session Available Today!

Defusing the Concussion Time Bomb!

Now I'm willing to wager that you're almost bursting-at-the-seams to get your hands on your Forget Your Concussion Recovery Program.

But allow me just to ask you one simple question.

Because the reality is... 

Hypnotic Mental Conditioning isn't for everyone!

If you're not willing to invest in yourself and your own unique brand of Lightsleeper Developments.

Then it's doubtfully not for you.


There is no doubt in my mind that mastering these Hypnotic Principles is the fastest, easiest way to feeling better than before.

Think about that...

Because if you're the type of person who only listens, believes and considers... but never really takes action... then you're wasting your time.

This program can dramatically increase you Recovery Response in no time.

So It's Time Now To Make Your Choice.

You can keep click, click, clicking away…

 From this page just for awhile.


You can decide to 'figure out' all of this recovery-stuff later on someday. (And hope for your emotional symptoms to improve in the meantime.)

You can spend your valuable time on doing some of that - high-brow dry-theory - trying to generate some of that knee-buckling positive thinking stuff you've heard so much about.

But the reality is, a year from now, you'll be in exactly the same position you're in now. 

Still wishing for things to get better... still waiting for that T.V. Doctor to wave his remote-control-magic at you… to conjure up some Celebrity Cure.


You can specialize in this opportunity to learn these pioneering techniques used to push your recovery limits by some of my best trained athletes.

In SECONDS from now, you could have everything you need to generate.

Targeted Results... AT WILL.

What would that do for your health? 
Your family's health…
Associated players.

And coaches.

Having that consistent flow of this Mental Conditioning Process... and being able to turn to those abilities on an HOURLY basis that is only available when you know the inner mechanisms of this Audio Program.

So don't make this decision the long goodbye.

Just be smart, quick, clever and wise about it.

Make the decision right now to turn down the discomfort while boosting your confidence.

Click it in here - right on the button - below.

And listen... to your own Forget Your Concussion Audio Program.

Your recovery-environment will never be felt in the same way again!

Recovery is a place where your can bring order to disordered events.


To pin your ears back...


This is not  your average canned and culturally conditioned program.

This is the circuitry of who you are... engineered to influence what's already happening in your brain right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  OK Lightsleeper... this program sounds LOUD but what's the price?

A:  Well the original concept was to make this a self-styled elite athlete program by keeping it exclusive, off limits and only available to those clients who I could attend to personally.

Then the thought hit me... 

That idea doesn't serve all of the people who may NEED this information the most right now.

And that means we can offer you this real-time session today not for hundreds and hundreds of dollars but...
...just $9.99 ONE TIME.  For this modern, specialized hypnosis session. 

You don’t want to miss these savings!

Q:  How many hours do I need to commit? 

A:  The steps that you need to take are exactly the same whether you condense them into 21 days...
...or chose to continue them for a lifetime.

Q:  How soon should I expect results?

A:  Well the last thing I would want you think about is...

Your recovery depends entirely on YOU!

Of Course:  thinking like that... Why haven't you already started?

So don’t waste any more time…

Move hypnotically AHEAD, TREAT YOURSELF.