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Our Five Step One-on-One Mental Conditioning Program:
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*  In today's therapeutic milieu, when sometimes less is better than more, a single session can lead to a knowledge of just what is best for you.


Out of Town? Can't make it into the think tank?
Relax, calm down and shift gears. 

I have some extremely good news for you...

Skype Sessions are accessible.



1. Initial Trance Induction and Intake Assessment         (Session rate $150.00 Per Hour)

This trance-forming session usually takes 40-60 min.  Speaking face-to-face with Master Hypnotist Lightsleeper you will discuss your personal situation.  Additionally, you will receive a complete understanding of the program and its requirements - as well as - learning to go into trance on command, and the setting of correct expectations.

Initial trance and responsiveness are established as a point of relief and then explored as a base for Unlimited Hypnotic Developments.


2•   Next up, Imagination, Visualizations, and Performance Encoding!  (60-90 min.)

The purpose of this session is to engage and enhance your imagination with visualizations to help eliminate any negative past conditioning, remove negative self-talk and to break open the doors into what we call the plasticity of the brain ... Which is actually, re-channeling and rewiring your brain ~ "So it's much, much easier to get you thinking feeling and behaving in brand new ways without resistance.


3•    Re-engineered Personal Beliefs and Actions.  (60-90 min.)

During this session you will learn the power of thought-stopping, self-hypnosis and creating, intensifying, anchoring and embedding trance-formed feelings under the facilitation of Advanced N.L.P. Principles and proven Hypnotic Laws.


4•   Putting it all Together for Lasting Results.  (60-90 min.)

The purpose of this session is to use performance states as a corrective source to reiterate your original outcomes, incorporate insights, and develop lasting results to a place where your mind goes (HA)! "That's a way better way of thinking."


5•   Booster Session.  (60-90 min.)

Utilized as a follow up session for Clients who have completed the program and who may want to return later for the appreciation of the mind and the immediate conscious reinforcement and support of the Hypnotic Process.  "Plus!" - IT'S FUN - Because most people have no idea what their minds are capable of.



Let's Wrap This Up

Let me ask you this:  What if these quirky ear-worms save you from all of the anxiety,
nervousness, insecurity and hesitation that could have otherwise been prevented?

What if it shows you secrets that help you to FINALLY overcome your fears?

Trance-forming you...

Into the most powerful unshackled person you deserve to be?

Now ask yourself:  What if this formula helps you live a happier, healthier life
that eliminates and prevents all kinds of self-doubt ... that could wind up
holding you back from your true success costing your hundreds or even
thousands of dollars?

I wish I could have presented you with all of this information sooner. 

Murmuring and worming it's way into your head now.

But it has taken me YEARS to learn, refine, and condense it into this easy-to-follow program.

For relief...

Call me at  Lightsleeper Developments to dig deeper!